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Some of my favourite books

Ok. This might take a while.I will put a list of some of my favourite books (not in order), which will be quite tough but I have a lot of space to write, so I’m just get down to buisness.

  • The Land of Stories series. This series is an incredible lot of books. Written by actor Chris Colfer, these are definitely up here on this list for my favourite books. The story is about Conner and Alex, who are brother and sister. They discover a fairy tale world where all fairy tales co-exist in one place and most are somehow connected. It’s quite an intricate storyline, and Chris Colfer’s imagaintion is amazing. 
  • The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus series. Now these ones more or less symbolise my childhood. I was bored and I needed new books (which is always the case with me) so I got Percy Jackson, The Lightning  Theif. That was the beginning to the two series that revolutionised me and everything about me. I read all of the Percy Jackson books, and when I realised that the Heroes of Olympus series was there, I read all them as well. The author is Rick Riordan and he has written many books. Most of his books are based on Greek, Roman, Egyptian or Norse mythology and bring these to the present world.
  • Lorien Legacies series. All about aliens with awesome super powers, the Lorien Legacies are amazing. James Frey and Josie Hughes come together to write these stories as ‘Pittacus Lore’. This is series is action-packed and I couldn’t put the books down. Twists occur and epic final battles are in this crazy good series of books. Starting with I Am Number Four, they just get more complicated and more interesting.
  • The Magisterium series. With a new perspective on magic, the Magisterium series is something I would definitely recommend for people who liked Harry Potter. With less practising saying incantations and more time in action, I only put down the book when forced to do so. This series is packed full of huge twists and  emotion. I really enjoyed it. I believe that you, whoever is reading this (hopefully) will to, especially if you read this far.
  • Don’t Call Me Ishmael. A realistic and extremely funny book. Including amazing banter and humour woven into the entire story, you will not stop laughing the entire way through. With relatable characters and some nice feelings of rightly deserved justice, Don’t Call Me Ishmael is a top book for everything you could ever want in a book. Anyone who reads this book will be automatically compelled to not stop until they are done. Enjoy this amazing book!

If you want, comment your favourite book series or talk about my choices. 

Peace out.



Have you read Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend yet, cuz that's exactly like most of the series you put down on that list! :)

19th Apr, 18

Oh yeah!!! Percy Jackson for the win!! I haven’t even heard of Nevermoor but it sounds good, so I’ll read it as soon as I can!!

20th Apr, 18

Nice. ;)

25th Apr, 18

DEFINITELY need to read a lot of these. I'm thinking of reading Percy Jackson soon apparently according to a lot of my friends I'd like his writing style and sense of humour.

25th Apr, 18